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Governing Structure

ASBA’s governing structure includes the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, four Board Committees, the Secretary General and the Secretariat staff.

The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the Association and is integrated by all Associate Members. The Assembly will be summoned at least once a year, but can be summoned by the Board on a more frequent basis if deemed as necessary. The powers granted to the Assembly, are the following:

  • To approve the Annual Plans and Programs of the Association;
  • To ratify or remove members of the Board of Directors;
  • To approve or modify the Bylaws of the Association;
  • To determine the amount and method of payment of all the contributions and fees charged to its Associate and Collaborator Members.
  • To determine about the possibility of admitting any new Members;
  • To elect the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board;
  • To be informed about the reports, deliberations, and resolutions undertaken by both the Board and the Secretary General regarding all activities, programs, and budgets concerning the Association;
  • To approve all annual, audited financial statements in the terms previously agreed for these purposes, as well as to approve the Annual Report submitted by the Board. The General Assembly will also have powers to require auditors working for the Association to produce any kind of information, at any time, related to aspects of importance for the Association.
  • Any other that could be derived from the application of the Bylaws.
XXVI Annual Assembly

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