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Governing Structure

ASBA’s governing structure includes the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, four Board Committees, the Secretary General and the Secretariat staff.

The Board of Directors is composed of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman and the Directors of the North American, Central American, Andean, the Southern Cone and Caribbean Regions. There is also a Non-Regional Group, which may be represented on the Board by a Director if this group has at least three members.

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board are elected by the Assembly in even-numbered years for a two-year term. The Regional Directors are elected by the members of each of their groups for a two-year term and are eligible for re-election only once. The Directors of North America, the Southern Cone, and the Andean Region are elected in even-numbered years, and those of the Caribbean and Central America in odd-numbered years.

The Board of Directors has the authority, delegated by the General Assembly, to supervise the operations of the Association, oversee compliance with institutional policies and procedures, supervise the implementation of technical agendas and, in general, make any operational decisions deemed appropriate.



Jesús de la Fuente Rodríguez

Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores


Jorge Mogrovejo González

Superintendente Adjunto de Banca y Microfinanzas
Superintendencia de Banca, Seguros y AFP

Director for the Andean Region

César Ferrari Quine

Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia

Director for the Caribbean Region

Paul A. Ashe

Chief Regulatory Officer
Financial Services Regulatory Commission
Antigua & Barbuda

Director for the Central American Region

Rocío Aguilar Montoya

Superintendencia General de Entidades Financieras
Costa Rica

Director for the Southern Cone Region

Hernán Melanio Colmán Rojas

Superintendente de Bancos
Banco Central del Paraguay

Director for the North American Region

Anthony D. Sinopole

Director of International Affairs
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
United States