Online course

Operational Resilience (Resilience Day)

March 19 – 20, 2024

INSTRUCTOR: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

DATE: March 19 and 20, 2024

SCHEDULE: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
(Mexico City local time)

LANGUAGE: Spanish with simultaneous
translation to English

LIMITED TO: 4 participants per institution


CONTACT: Nancy Vallejo Guerra |
Coordinación de Programas y Eventos


  • AWS and the financial services industry share common interests in maintaining operational resilience. Service continuity is a fundamental prerequisite for financial stability, and, in this regard, financial regulators are interested in understanding how cloud service providers support regulatory compliance and operational resilience.
  • The course aims to discuss in depth how financial institutions can use AWS services to achieve their operational resilience objectives and comply with applicable regulation.


Participant Profile

  • Aimed at supervisory, audit, regulatory and compliance specialists from financial regulators who are interested in understanding how AWS supports regulatory compliance.
  • Basic knowledge of information technology and networking concepts is not required, however, having such knowledge can support the participants in getting the most out of the course content.


  • Overview and basic concepts of the cloud and AWS
  • Cloud overview and basic concepts
  • Cloud computing model and its benefits (elasticity, agility and scale)
  • Cloud security, basic concepts, and shared responsibility model
  • AWS global infrastructure (regions, availability zone, and local zones, etc.)
  • AWS Data Center Security and Resiliency
  • Guide to formulating a cloud contingency plan
  • Resiliency in the cloud: AWS reliability culture
  • Resilience in the cloud:
    • Building resilient and highly available architectures
      (Multi-AZs, Multi-region, Multi-cloud)
    • Disaster recovery strategies available on AWS
    • Observability in AWS: monitoring of infrastructure and
  • AWS well-architected framework with the focus on resiliency
  • 360° Virtual Data Center Tour, AWS Security Approach


  • Use of the camera and headphones.
  • Participation during the sessions.
  • Full completion of the course hours to obtain a certificate of participation.