Presentation ASBA 20200811

Date: August 11, 2020


With the participation of:


Igor Marzo, Managing Partner, Argoss Partners, Mexico City

Carlos Ortiz-Cañavate, Managing Partner, Argoss Partners, Mexico City  


The economic crisis caused by the spread of Covid19 is affecting multiple companies and sectors of the economy. A growing number of companies are initiating processes to restructure their debits under insolvency proceedings such as chapter 11 of the American law.

Debit restructuring processes play a very important role, particularly in the case of large corporations. Because of their size, their bankruptcy can have systemic effects on important parts of the financial system. The processes of restructuring debts, saving the particularities of the insolvency legislation of each country, often bear great similarities.

This videoconference aims to share the criteria used by consulting firms to identify companies whose insolvency could trigger systemic risks, as well as to present some recommendations for restructuring and analysis of refinancing options and the potential impacts of   these restructurings on financial institutions’ provisions.

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