Journal of the Banking Supervisor No. 71

Challenges in Banking Supervision and Regulation: Navigating a Changing Landscape

The outlook for global economic growth is deteriorating, and by 2030, the world economy’s “speed limit” will reach its lowest level in three decades. The driving forces behind progress and prosperity in the past are diminishing, leading to a decline in potential growth. This decline will have significant consequences for addressing pressing challenges like poverty, income inequality, and climate change. To reverse this trend, it is crucial to implement policies that encourage work, enhance productivity, and promote investment. Therefore, the new challenge for bank supervisors is to design policies that foster sustained, robust, and inclusive growth, specifically tailored to tackle the region’s unique challenges.

In this context, the 71st edition of the Journal of the Banking Supervisor presents a series of recommended readings that compile regulatory changes, risks and supervisory agenda topics that will be important for supervisory bodies in Latin America and the Caribbean. A series of publications related to the economic outlook on economic recovery, financial stability, and supervision are also included. The research and analysis section shares papers related to bank resolution, climate risk, and sustainability, technology, and payment systems.

Finally, in the last section, members share news and information on prudential and non-prudential financial regulations issued in their jurisdictions during the first quarter of 2023. This compilation is an effort to broaden communication and understanding among the countries of the Americas on the approaches used to address various issues of joint interest in financial regulation.

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Author: ASBA