Journal of the Banking Supervisor No. 63

Major Challenges for Regulatory and Supervisory Authorities

Despite the dramatic impacts on the economy as a result of the spread of SARS CoV 2, the expectations of various international organizations suggest a recovery by 2021. However, this recovery will remain below pre-pandemic trends for a prolonged period and it is subject to optimistic, but reasonably realistic, assumptions of the development of vaccination plans around the world.

The pandemic has made it clear that financial authorities face formidable challenges, in debt management, budget policies, central banking and structural reforms, as they try to ensure that this global recovery gains traction and lays the foundation for strong growth and development. in the long term, while protecting the most vulnerable. This will require successful policies that allow capital, labor, skills, and innovation to be translated into new purposes to build a greener, more innovative, and robust post-COVID economic environment.

In this context, the 63rd edition of the Journal of Banking Supervision presents some relevant texts on adjustments and guides in banking regulation, mainly the guides focused on external auditing for banks and on consolidated supervision stand out. In addition, this edition contains the most recent publications and updates of the economic, risk and digital perspectives that are expected for the region and the world. Finally, on this occasion, a series of recommended readings on topics focused on fintech, digital economy, cybersecurity and financial stability are included.

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Author: ASBA