Journal of the Banking Supervisor No. 62

Towards a more digital supervision

​The 62 edition of the Journal of Banking Supervisor presents some relevant texts on the adoption of new support technologies for banking supervision and regulation, from those related to the supervision and regulation of Fintech companies, to topics related to Suptech and digital transformation. The texts show that financial authorities have adapted to the new normality by adjusting their supervision schemes with the introduction of new support technologies, generating a climate conducive to technological innovation that will be more beneficial than ever in the post-COVID-19 world.

In addition, a compilation of market perspectives in the region and in the world for 2021 is presented by different international organizations. Although some documents mention that growth forecasts have improved slightly, they also maintain that there is uncertainty driven mainly by the evolution of the global health crisis. Likewise, the section on banking regulation and supervision includes a series of guides prepared by international organizations on issues of conflicts of interest and risks of market conduct, as well as a report on the supervisory problems associated with the transition rate LIBOR.

As in previous editions, ASBA members shared relevant prudential and non-prudential financial regulations issued in their countries during the second and third quarters of 2020. Through this exercise, the aim is to expand communication among the countries of the Americas on the approaches used to address different issues in financial regulation. Finally, the catalog of ASBA events for the last quarter of 2020 is shown.

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Author: ASBA