Cybersecurity risks progress and the way forward in latin america and the caribbean

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Organisation of American States (OAS) aimed to provide countries in the region not only with a picture of the state of cybersecurity, but also with guidance on next steps to strengthen national cybersecurity capacities. Cyber-attacks in the region have been on the rise, mainly targeting financial institutions in Latin America. The COVID-19 pandemic and the increased digital activity it has generated in the region has further exposed the vulnerabilities of the Latin American and Caribbean digital space.


The growth in the number of cyber-attacks has led to increased interest in cyber security in the region, the OAS and the IDB have found it necessary to re-implement the Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model for Nations (CMM) in order to measure the growth and development of Member States’ capacities to defend against the growing threats in cyberspace. This new study provides a fresh look at where we are and what opportunities our region can capitalise on.

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Author: IDB