State of SupTech Report 2023

The Cambridge SupTech Lab State of SupTech Report 2023 presents insights on the evolution of the digital transformation of financial supervision worldwide.

The Report provides a global snapshot across several facets of supervisory technology (suptech), including underpinning digital infrastructure and technologies, supported supervisory use cases, approaches employed for developing and deploying suptech applications, and the related challenges and risks. It also presents year-to-year analysis using data from the State of SupTech Survey 2022.

The State of SupTech Report 2023 focuses on how the development and implementation of suptech is evolving across the globe, extracting insights from the information provided by 64 financial authorities such as central banks, securities and capital market authorities, financial conduct authorities, and insurance supervisors from six continents. This year’s survey leverages the 2022 Report as a baseline to provide a picture of emerging trends, persisting and new challenges, maturing strategies, and attained impacts. Compared to last year, the 2023 survey included five times more questions, allowing for a substantially more detailed and expansive analysis, with the trade-off of having a smaller sample size of respondents.

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Author: University of Cambridge