Banking Regulation and Supervision Expectations for 2018 in the Americas

During 2018, the financial regulation and supervision entities in the region will continue facing challenges already identified during previous years. As a matter of fact, in spite that the Basel III reform package has been finalized, given the features of local markets, a sizable proportion of countries in the region are within the Basel I and II framework, which raises the importance of continuing with the discussion on the effective and timely adoption of international standards. Likewise, just like the previous year, de-risking still affects different countries along the continent, impacting mainly countries in Central America and the Caribbean. Finally, due to the features of markets in the region, different indicators point again to credit risk as a high priority issue among Associate Members.

At the same time, new topics and challenges appear along the region. Implementation of a proportional regulation and supervision framework will constitute one of the central topics for discussion in the Americas. Likewise, the quick development of new technologies brings with it potential benefits as well as new challenges and risks for markets in the region. The risks of cyber-security, protection of personal data and legal validity of biometric data are some of the relevant topics around the use of technology in the provision of financial products and services.

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